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Below are coaching videos to help with practices:

1. Infield - Warm Up
2. Infield - Ground Balls
3. Infield - Ground Ball Repetitions
4. Infield - How to Play Middle Infield
5. Infield - Outstanding Infield Play
6. Infield - Backhands
7. Hitting - Staying Back
8. Hitting - The Stride
9. Hitting - How to Stay Inside the Ball
10. Hitting - Soft Toss
11. Hitting - Rapid Fire
12. Catching - Blocking
13. Pitching - Pitching for Young Players
14. Pitching - Grip, Increase Power and Accuracy
15. Pitching - How to Throw Harder
16. Sliding - How to slide
17. Louisville Slugger Coaching Video


Also, check out these helpful videos from SKLZ and the Baseball Factory who have partnered with Little League Baseball to provide these great instructional videos.


Throwing Mechanics Impact of Footwork on Throwing Throwing Games Four Seam Grip
Hitting Stance Load Position in the Swing Glide and Slide Hands at Launch Position
Start the Swing Hand Path & Position at Impact Finishing the Swing Infielder Pre-Pitch Preparation
Fielding a Ground Ball Pick, Exchange, and Throw Backhand Play Forehand Play While on the Run
Fielding the Ball While on the Run Double Play Tagging the Runner Out Infield Position on a Cutoff
Throwing Motion in a Cutoff Play